About Us

hello golden beauties ..

Welcome to Golden Hour Boutique
where we offer handpicked styles for all walks of life !!

Golden Hour Boutique is a locally owned, women's clothing and accessories boutique that's size inclusive, radiates Kindness, and is full of the trendiest hand picked boutique styles for any woman, for every occasion.

The five rays on our sun represent our brand values - Family, Our Team, Kindness, Inclusiveness and our Customers.

Family- family comes first. They are your biggest cheerleaders who love you unconditionally who are always by your side through all life’s seasons to one day raise a better future just by being KIND.

Our Team- there’s no I in team! The backbone of our business is our team, and they are beyond appreciated, heard, and valued. Teamwork is the key to reaching dreams, and ours is golden

Kindness- Kindness is Golden is not only our motto, it's a way of life we live by. Our goal is to make your experience with us the highlight of your day and leave you with a lasting sense of well-being.

Inclusivity- Golden Hour is a judgement- free zone, where all walks of life are welcome to comfortably shop size inclusive styles, so noBODY feels left out.

Our Customers- of all choices, you choose us! As always, we have believed that kindness can change the world, and that would not be possible without our loyal customers.
Our team is ready to brighten up your day & we look forward to a GOLDEN future together!

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